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Long John (Swe)

Long John (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock


Johan Sderman - Vocals, Guitar (Terror, Tore Norum Band, Mancamp, C Ducer And The Soul Unit, How Do Ya Spll It, Hypergy, Katastrof, MoonRockers, Must Be Liverpool, Persuaders, Pistoler & Violer, Seppuku, Skkasvin, The Invazion, Zee Ducer And The Soul Unit, Peking Punk)

Ted Stenlv - Bass (Terror, Tore Norum Band, Mancamp, Dorian Gray, Annika Paulsson och Ted Stenlv, BOve & The Badass Band, Demokratisk Dans, Den Tvehvdade Sarkofagen, Desertrerna, Earl and Dallas, Efter 22, Escape, Emil st, How Do Ya Spll It, Iris, Katastrof, Maxells, MoonRockers, Penny Toys, Pistoler & Violer, Projekt K, Putte & Ted, Skkasvin, Stenlv & Stende, T-Pack, The Invazion, The Mentors, Tisse Tandktt, Tisse Tandktts Qvintet, Malin Fjllman, Gino Renebrant)

Patrik "Putte" Andersson - Drums R.I.P. (Railroad?, Tumbleweed, Arion, Blue Sky, Hon & Dom, Kung Diamant, Moranes, Pejns Ork, Popoperan, Spisboys, T-Pack, The Invazion)
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Johan and Ted started playing in 1979, and Patrik joined in 1983. Long John play blues boogie hard rock, like Status Quo-meet-ZZ Top, and the single was recorded by the Wahlquist brothers (Heavy Load) in Thunderload Studios. Patrik sadly died of cancer in 2008. Johan and Ted are today in ZZ Top cover band Mancamp. Ted also played with Dorian Grey.
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