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Laroche (Swe)

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Sweden (

Söderfors, Tierp

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Torbjörn "Tobbe" Pettersson - Vocals, pre-Drums  (Cheers)
Jari Kujansuu - Guitar, pre-Bass (Cheers, Heroes, New Bulsara, Seven Days, RonJa)
Sonny Forsberg - Bass
Toni Siljamäki - Keyboards
Ulf Andersson - Drums (Headache Rockers, Hemmarock, Friktion, Hansa Band, The Marine, Left Legs Right, David Pop & the Roxy Hoople, Cosmic Cowboys, Blender, Popcorn)

Former / Past Members
Leif Holmqvist - Guitar

Started as HEROES and later transformed into LAROCHE whom quickly became local celebrities. The band played extensively during the 80's and as they decided to cut their own record they changed name again and this time to CHEERS. During the bands most active era they did 3-4 live gigs every week, which gave them tons of experience to the demand of the live audience.

LAROCHE Had the songs "Tycker Du Som Jag" and "TV is King" on the 'Heavy Metal (1982)' compilation. Also "Du" and "Ge Dig" on the 'Rocken Tar Tag (1984)' compilation.

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