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Minx (Swe)

Minx (Swe)
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Hard Rock / Punk
Sweden (



Released two 7" singles. Material was also recorded for a 3rd LP but the band split and it was never released. Heikki Kiviaho was later in the band WHALE together with Cia Soro/Carina Berg (swedish tv host) and Henrik Schyffert (very known swedish comedian). Heikki are today bassist in SATOR. Christer Heldring are in a band called BADiTUDES.

Mikael "Micke" Heldring - Vocals
Höpie - Guitar
Hannu "Hanta" Kiviaho - Guitar (Memento Mori, Pablo Pablo)
Heikki Kiviaho - Bass, Orgel (Sator, Whale)
Christer Heldring - Drums (BADiTUDES)

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