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- Network, CD ("Du E S Speciell, "Kallt Kalkylerande" etc)
- Oskuld, CD ("En Helt Vanlig Dag", "Kanske En Hatt", etc)
- Demos (?)

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Network (Swe)

Network (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1983 - XXXX
Official Website
Jackie "Modesty Bass" Sofronenkoff - Vocals, Bass, Synth (Dead Flowerz, Electric Oil, Matilda Mus, Hangrov, Woodmans, Cindys Cornflake 5, Peter, Per & Jackie)
Michael "Mike" Jensen - Vocals, Guitar
Thomas "Willy Gitarvin" Klint - Guitar, Synth (Dead Flowerz, Electric Oil, Matilda Mus, De Nissan Badpojkar)
Jasper Morrissey - Drums
Not to be confused with Anette Ax's Network.

A rock band from Halmstad featuring swedish/russian vocalist Jackie Modesty Sofronenkoff. Jackie's music career started out together with Per Gessle (Gyllene Tider) and Peter "Pedda" Nilsson in the band Peter, Per & Jackie (inspired by the folk-trio Peter, Paul & Mary). She later joined Electric Oil where she met her husband Thomas Klint. They later formed Dead Flowerz which played a mix of new wave and punk. Network was a side-project started by Jackie and Thomas together with other musicians. They released their debut single in 1991 and have as well released the CD's 'Network' and 'Oskuld'. The band seem to have been signed to the Danish label Bms Records but apparently had some issues and reported them for fraud (it was mentioned in the newspapers). Jackie are today active in the jazz/blues band Woodmans.
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