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Negro (Swe)

Negro (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Synth / Pop / AOR
Sweden (


Marita Vikström - Vocals
Mathias Wendt - Guitar (Frontline, Två Sjuka & En Full, Latenite, Anna & Vi)
Lars Gabrielsson - Bass (Madhouse?)
Pär Lindholm - Drums (Frontline, Två Sjuka & En Full, MangeL, Bålsta Big Band, Next Position?)
Niclas Rundkvist - Keyboards (Muzak)
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
Negro means black in Spanish, so the name is not as provoking as it may seem today. The band was not influenced by any hard rock bands at all, but instead wanted to sound like Noice and Blondie, which they actually do on the A-side. However, the B-side, sung in English, is quite decent AOR, musically quite OK but with a wimpy sound and fragile vocals. Lindholm and Wendt now play in the dance band Frontline.
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