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New Haven (Swe)

New Haven (Swe)
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Bautarock / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1981 - 1984, ca 2012 - present
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Tony Lindberg - Vocals, Guitar (Evolution, Frekvens, Legs, Mess)
Jan "Janne" Eliasson - Guitar, Vocals
Jonas Hellgren - Bass, Vocals (Evolution, Legs)
Ulf "Uffe" Jensen - Drums (Evolution, Paradize, Queen of Clouds)

NEW HAVEN was formed 1981 in Alingsås, Sweden by Jan Eliasson, Jonas Hellgren, Ulf Jensen and shortly afterwards joined Tony Lindberg of FREKVENS. The song "Ensam På Väg" got big attention on the radio program Rockdepartemented, which led to a gig at Östlyckeskolan (aired live on the radio show). With their hard rock and lyrics in Swedish NEW HAVEN created their own genre called Bautarock. They did many live gigs and recorded 2 demos before splitting up in 1984. Jonas Hellgren, Tony Lindberg and Ulf Jensen later formed the AOR/HR act EVOLUTION.

The original members of NEW HAVEN did a reunion show in 2012 at Alingsås MX Rockbar together with FREKVENS, RÖDA KVARN, MOLNEN LÄTTAR and YAYA.
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