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Overture (Swe / Sthlm)

Overture (Swe / Sthlm)
Band Info
Symphonic / Progressive Rock (early) / Powerpop / Rock (later)
Sweden (

Täby, Stockholm

Early 70's - XXXX
Mats Ström - Vocals, Guitar

Bengt Lundberg - Guitar, Vocals (Py (guest), Kal P. Dal (guest))

Mats Reiniusson - Bass, 12-str Guitar, Organ (Katze, Tattoo)

Hans Alsing - Drums, Chimes (Hans Greebach, Magnus Lind (guest))

Clarence Öfwerman - Electric Piano, Organ, Guitar, Vocals (Roxette, Per Gessle, Ulf Lundell, Py, Passagerarna, Passengers, Bröderna Dröppel, Johan Lindell, Bäckman, Dan Hylander & Raj Montana Band, De Wolfe United (guest), The Creeps (guest), Kal P. Dal (guest), Stefan Demert (guest), Totte Wallin (guest), Carin Kjellman (guest), Ted Ström (guest), Mats Möller (guest), Janne Goldman (guest),
Former / Past Members
David Carlsson (1977 - 1978) - Guitar
Not to be confused with OVERTURE from Karlskoga.

OVERTURE was founded by pianist Clarence Öfwerman in late 70's and included Mats Ström (vocals), Mats Reiniusson (bass and guitar), Bengt Lundberg (guitar and vocals) and Hans Alsing (drums). In the beginning the band played symphonic / progressive rock. The sound changed in the early 80's to more commercial pop/rock. OVERTURE released a single and a full-lenght album before disbanding. Some live cassettes also exist (from the Radio program Tonkraft 24/1-1979 etc) incl songs such as "Vargflock", "Vila I Frid", "Fram Tills Tiden Står Still", "Tusen Segel", "Alexander Den Store"..

Clarence Öfwerman (Bio from Wikipedia)
Clarence Öfwerman, born 22 November 1957, is best known as the longtime producer of ROXETTE, having been with the band from their debut album Pearls of Passion in 1986 through to 2012's Travelling, Roxette's latest studio album. He is the big brother of ROXETTE percussionist, keyboardist and vocalist Staffan Öfwerman. Öfwerman also joins Per Gessle and Roxette as a live musician on various tours, most recently during the 2009 Night of the Proms series in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany and a mini European tour in 2010.
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