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Peter Andree (Swe)

Peter Andree (Swe)
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AOR / Melodic Rock / Pop
Sweden (


Peter Andree - Vocals (Andree & The Boys)

Ragnar Utby - Guitar (Ingegerd Erlin, Ingalill Vaim, Ole Børud, Susanne Sonntag, Jesus Lever)

Lars Hansrud - Bass (Ingegerd Erlin, Kom 'An Tor Og Atle)

Marcus Lewin - Drums (The Brazz Brothers, Daffi, Jan Magne Førde)

Öyvind Å. Berg - Keyboards, Bass (Ingegerd Erlin, Jesus Lever, Susanne Sonntag, Geirr Lystrup, Familjen Gard, Ola Slaaen, Wiggo Og Reino, Ole Børud, Tor Rødseth)

Wenche Svartberg - Choir (Ingegerd Erlin, Familjen Gard, Oslo Gospel Choir, Susanne Sonntag, Stig Rossen, Hans-Inge Fagervik, Ola Slaaen, Exodus)

Lise Brodal - Choir (Oslo Gospel Choir, Stig Rossen, Geirr Lystrup)
Swedish musician/songwriter. Auditoned for Swedish Idol in 2013 with the song "Blue Magical Moments".
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