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- Demo, 1991 ("Glad To Be Back", "The Pony Song", "Life Is Real")
- Taste of Paradise, MCD 1994

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Rock Rivers (Swe)

Rock Rivers (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Cowboy / Buffel Rock
Sweden (


1989 - XXXX
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Anders Grym - Vocals, Guitar (Bad Boys)
Peter "Nobbe" Noblin - Bass (Bad Boys, Festbandet)
Lars "Lasse" Persson - Drums (Bad Boys)
Former / Past Members
Victor Rasmussen - Bass (Bad Boys)
Formed 1989 by members of the AC/DC cover band Bad Boys. Rock Rivers had the song "Glad To Be Back" on the 'Streetwise Number Two Of Two, 1990' compilation. Also recorded a MCD in 1994 entitled 'Taste of Paradise' and some demos.
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