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Revenge (Swe)

Revenge (Swe)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1982-1987 (as Renegade), 1987-1993 (as Revenge)
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Tony Holmberg (1991-1993) - Vocals (Five Gallons)
Mats Berglén (1982-1993) - Guitar (Renegade, Five Gallons)
Anders Persson (1982-1993) - Guitar (Renegade, Five Gallons, Kock On Wood, Anders P)
Torbjörn Stråhle (1982-1993) - Bass (Renegade, Five Gallons)
Magnus Brink (1987-1993) - Drums (Five Gallons)

Former / Past Members
Glenn Grylin (1987-1991) - Vocals
The hard rock band REVENGE was formed in Sweden in the early eighties. The band name was RENEGADE in the early beginning, and recorded one demo tape in 1985 entitled 'Waiting For The Dawn' it was released in 1986. A couple years later two members quit. Vocalist Glenn Grylin and drummer Magnus Bring replaced them in 1987 and the band decided to change their name to REVENGE. They played in many clubs and festivals in the eighties and early 90's. The band released one single and five demo tapes between the years 1987-1992, with their own material.

In the year of 1993 the members decided to reform the band to a cover band; FIVE GALLONS was formed. The music was mostly rock classics like Thin Lizzy, Kiss, Deep Purple and much more stuff from that music era. The gigs was easier to get and the band often played in clubs and after ski. In the winter of 1995 the drummer decided to quit. Rest of the members found it hard to replace such a good drummer and the guys was tired of being on the road every weekend, the sparkle was gone. All the members realized the fact, and the band split up. The band had played hundreds of gigs together from the early start 1984 to the split up 1995. From been struggling as a garage band, to be a respectable live band that had played many great gigs at rock clubs in Sweden was now the end unavoidable... the story was over.
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