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Regent (Swe)

Regent (Swe)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal


198x - 1983
Peter Nordin - Vocals
Dan Stomberg - Guitar (Madison, Destiny, Ail Regal, Swedish Erotica)
Ulrik Larsson - Guitar
Conny "Payne" Sundqvist - Bass (Madison, Destiny, Alien, Explosion, Riff Raff, Big Easy, MindSplit, Francis Soto Band)
Patrick Holtentjrn - Drums (Traste Lindns Kvintett)
Biography (written by Conny Sundqvist)
I started off in a local band called EXPLOSION, 1981, wich was my first band ever. Worth mention is that both Anders Karlsson and Peter Fredrickson (later in MADISON) were in that band. After a couple of years Dan Stomberg contacted me and together we started REGENT. A single was released in -83, two songs, "Lay Down Your Arms" and "Changes" (both songs would later turn up on MADISON first album). Together with Anders and Peter (now playing in local band DESTINY) and leadsinger Gran Edman, we formed a new band, MADISON.

We started in 1983 and released our first album in -84, "Diamond Mistress" . Second album "Best in Show" were released in -86 and was followed by a tour in Japan in -87. A four-track album "The Tale" was released at the time for the tour exclusively for the Japanese market. The third album was never finnished, only a single was released in -88 "Northern Lights" with new lead singer Pete Sandberg (later in ALIEN). In 1989 I left the band for other projects.

Fun Facts: Gran had a few years before joining REGENT auditioned for another Hudiksvall Band called AIL REGAL, consisting of Dan Stomberg - Guitar, Peter strm - Drums, Vocals and Hans "Haze" Bjrling - Bass.
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