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Ritchie's Rainboots (Swe)

Ritchie s Rainboots
Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (

Tranås, Jönköping

Pehter Engsén - Vocals
Rickard Eckerberg - Guitar
Niclas Rylander - Bass (Rövsvett)
Leif Millestad - Drums
Mikael Bäckström - Organ (Priority (guest))
Cover HR act who cut two DEEP PURPLE tracks for the compilation 'Helgdagsrock Åt Far... (1983)'. Niclas formed the HC/Punk band RÖVSVETT around the same time. Mikael Bäckström would later play keyboards on PRIORITY's single 'In The Mood / Times Of The Past (1990)'.
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