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Status Two (Swe)

Status Two (Swe)
Band Info
Boogie Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1984 - 1988
Official Website
Lisbeth Ingvarsson - Vocals, Bass (Hansi Blues Band, Hansi Borgström Band)
Hansi Borgström - Vocals, Guitar, Bass (Hansi Blues Band, Hansi Borgström Band)
Daniel Segerlöv - Guitar
Pelle Andersson - Drums (Hansi Blues Band, Hansi Borgström Band)
Former / Past Members
Lasse Andersson - Vocals, Guitar
Sture Kvillert - Guitar (Hansi Borgström Band)
Anders Larsson - Guitar
Boogie rock / hard rock act influnced by Status Quo. The band did their first gig at Nya Rock blues och Jazzklubb 18 Aug. 1984 with the members Lasse, Anders, Hansi and Pelle. A namechange to Sunburst took place in 1988 and they started to play covers only. Status Two however still jam together and do reunions now and then.
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