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Starblind (Swe)

Starblind (Swe)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (


2013 - present
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Mike Stark - Vocals (Sadauk, Into Desolation, Steel Attack, Rocka Rollas (live))
Bjrn Rosenblad - Guitars
Johan "J.J Glitter" Jonasson - Guitars (Dethronement, J.J. Glitter, Bacon Warriors, Danger, Birdflesh (guest))
Daniel Tillberg - Bass (Sadauk)
Zakarias Wikner - Drums
Official Bio (from
Starblinds sole purpose is to unleash heavy metal that pierces straight thru the heart and sounds like it used to back in glory days of the 80s upon the world; a bit more raw, more melodic and more straight forward are key ingredients. Starblind's critically aclaimed album debut "Darkest Horrors" was recorded during december 2013. It contained the bands first 9 tracks that was written right after the band was put together in the summer of 2013. The recording was done live in the studio to get the best possible sound as a unit together. Some of the Starblind members have previously played in bands like Steel Attack, Danger and Sadauk to name a few.
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