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Souvenir (Swe)

Band Info
Heavy Metal / Melodic Metal
Sweden (

Alby, Stockholm

1990 - 19XX
Krister "Kribbe" Åsvik - Vocals (Last Solution, Sad Solitude)
Janne Gustafson - Guitar (Sad Solitude, Headmess)
Jarmo Pahkasalo - Guitar (Last Solution, Headmess, Ape Rape, Justified, Chilly Con Fusion)
Rickard "Fosse" Fossengren - Bass (Last Solution, Sad Solitude)
Johan "Korven" Svensson - Drums (Last Solution)
Former / Past Members
Dennis "Dennissimo" Benerud - Guitar (Vanezza, Headline (Farsta))
Mikael Modig - Bass (Ape Rape)
Souvenir was a melodic / heavy metal band from Alby (a suburb in Borkyrka, Stockholm). They shared the rehearsal room with Hypocrite, a death metal band who have released a couple of albums. In the early 90's Souvenir won the bandstand "Botkyrka Rocken" and got 20 hours in the studio were they recorded the songs "Survivor", "Mystery" and a cover of John Norum's song "Back on the Streets". The band recorded several demos before disbanding. Jarmo Pahkasalo and Sami later moved to Gislaved and started a new band called Chilly Con Fusion.
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Links / Sources
All info comes from Jarmo Pahkasalo.
A special thanks goes out to Dennis Dennissim and Metalhuhn.
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