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Sharon (Swe)

Sharon (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1988 - 1989
Photos / Videos
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Anna "Eddie" Edvardsson - Vocals

Mattias "Matte" Lysell - Guitar (Pushin' Percy)

Robert "Robban" Sundin - Guitar, Keyboard

Peter "Beppe" Lysell - Bass (Pushin' Percy, The Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Agnes (guest), Blindside (guest), Anna Bergendahl (guest), Ane Brun (guest), Jay-Jay Johanson (guest), Green (guest), Kate Ryan ‎(guest), Jonas Myrin ‎(guest), Myrra Malmberg (guest), Lena-Maria (guest), Helen Sjöholm (guest), Anna-Lotta Larsson (guest), Mikael Wiehe (guest))

Rickard "Rulle / Drickard / Monzen" Monsén - Drums (Pushin' Percy, Station, Regeringen, Rigo & Monzen, Leroy Jenkins)
Sharon was formed after the band Fly splitted up after just one show at their home arena, aulan, Vendelsömalmsskolan 1987. Eddie joined the band early 1988 and the band vent for Rock SM andmade lots of shows 1988-1989. The most recognizable show at aulan, Vendelsömalmsskolan 1989. Sharon supported shows for The Arlo West Bandon at their Rattlesnake Tour in 1989.
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