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Sloppy Joe (Swe)

Sloppy Joe
Band Info
Melodic Rock / Hard Rock / AOR
Sweden (


Oskar Fehling - Vocals, Guitar (Mesopotamia, Coke Band, Sassy (guest))

Christoffer Hansson - Bass

Måns "Monaj" Block - Drums (Mesopotamia, Coke Band, The Ark, Damn!, Timbuktu, A Bossa Elétrica, Mikael Wiehe, Ebba Forsberg, Niklas Strömstedt, Magnus Carlson, Soul Quality Quartet, Eva Dahlgren, Amanda Jenssen, Liberator, Langhorns, among others)

Patric "Pat Al" Alberts - Keyboard (Mesopotamia, Coke Band)

Martin "Hålan Nilssóne" Nilsson  - Keyboard (Coke Band)
Former / Past Members
Coke - Bass (Coke Band)
Oskar and Måns formed the band Mesopotamia in the early 80's. In 1983 "Coke" formed Coke Band together with Patric and Martin. At this time Patric joined Mesopotamia as vocalist. The band did some successful gigs but in 1985 the bassist left Mesopotamia and the band split. Oskar and Måns then joined Coke Band who later became Sloppy Joe.
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