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Sahara (Swe)

Sahara (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1981 - 1984

Barbro Olsson - Vocals (Sunshine)
Mikael Kähäri - Guitar (Boogie Doctors, Mojo Docs, Hot Dog Taylor, Michael K's Rumble Pack)
Johan Hansson - Guitar
Tommy Asmola - Bass
Björn Gustafsson - Drums

Former / Past Members
Sven-Olov Wallenstein - Guitar
Female fronted hard rock act from Ludvika, released a 7" single on Pang Records in 1982. Mikael Kähäri are today active in the blues bands HOT DOG TAYLOR and MICHAEL K'S RUMBLE PACK.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
The band was formed early 1981 inspired by bands like Spliff, Blondie and Robert Palmer. In 1983 Sven-Olov moved and Johan Hansson Replaced him. The band split in 1984. Barbro went to dance band Sunshine, while the others quit playing. In 1998 Kähäri picked it up again and joined blues band Boogie Doctors, later Mojo Docs, who released the album 'Ain't Much To Worry About' in 2011. He later formed Hound Dog Taylor (released the CD 'Gator's Crossing' in 2006 with Clas Yngström guesting) and later on Michael K's Rumble Pack. The latter has released the album 'Hands On'.
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