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Squetters (Swe)

Squetters (Swe)
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Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Glommersträsk, Arvidsjaur

1981 - 1983
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Stefan Öhman - Vocals, Guitar (The Roadrunners)
Jörgen "Jolle" Eriksson - Guitar, ex-Bass (The Roadrunners)
Ronny Wikberg - Bass
Peter "P-W / PeeWee" Wikberg - Drums

Former / Past Members:
Sven-Bertil Lundström - Guitar
Sonny Andersson - Drums
Roland Andersson - Keyboards
HR / HM band formed as THE ROADRUNNERS in Glommersträsk, Arvidsjaur, Norrland by Stefan Öhman, Jörgen "Jolle" Eriksson, Sven-Bertil Lundström and Sonny Andersson, later joined by Roland Andersson on Keyboards. THE ROADRUNNERS did 3 live gigs in Abborrträst before disbanding. Stefan and Jolle formed SPERMA SQUETTING BOYZZ in 1981 together with Ronny and Peter Wikberg.

When SPERMA SQUETTING BOYZZ was going to do their first gig (at Kläppteatern) Ronnys mother was making posters and asked what their name was, Ronny didn't had courage enough to reveal the name and just said SQUETTERS. With the shortened name the band released their debut 7" EP in 1982 and later that year went to Stockholm to record the songs "Heavy Water" (dedicated to Lemmy Kielmeister) and "Climax" for the Pang Records compilation 'Heavy Metal (1982)'.

SQUETTERS did many local gigs and even traveled to Finland to play, they attended a talent contest in 1982 and appeared on the Swedish TV program "Rakt Av" in 1983 together with POLTERGEIST from Arvidsjaur. SQUETTERS did their last show around Christmas 1983 at Kläppteatern where everything had started a couple of years earlier. They still do reunion gigs from time to time.
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