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Stallion (Swe)

Stallion (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (


1978 (as Misery) - XXXX
Lasse Johansson - Vocals
Rafael Martinez - Guitar (Misery, BB Brain, Don and the Mob)
Michael Johansson - Guitar (Misery)
Peter Andersson - Bass (Misery, Värmlandspojkarna, Don and the Mob)
Kenneth Augustsson - Drums (Värmlandspojkarna)
Christer Sundell - Keyboards (Misery, Don and the Mob)
Former / Past Members
Per Hedlund
STALLION from Karlskoga was a melodic hardrock AOR band that were founded back in 1978 by Christer Sundell, Rafael Martinez, Michael Johansson and Peter Andersson when they were just 15 to 16 years old. The first edition of the band however went under the name of MISERY and the band competed at some local music competitions. In 1979 they released their first single called 'Restless Strategi / If I Won't Come Home', a self financed vinyl pressed in 500 copies. However they never gave up after having their demos turned down by all record companies and when they in the early 80s added the Bo Lindmark (Dalton) sound-alike Lasse Johansson as vocalist and Kenneth Augustsson on drums they decided to switch name to STALLION and give it 100%.

They won the 'Örebro administrative province best rock act' competition and recorded the demo 'Helpless' in 1986. The Stockholm based Alpha records liked the track and finally signed the band. They immediately sent the band to the Studio Kuling to record their album. The recording session was produced by Ronny Lahti who did go on to mix ROXETTE, SAIGON KICK and MASQUERADES 'Surface Of Pain' album. The new version of "Helpless" was released as vinyl single the same year and the first full length album 'On The Run'was released in May of 1987. They also contributed with the song "Echoes of the Night" on the compilation 'KURT (1988)'.

Peter and Kenneth are today active in the party/coverband VÄRMLANDSPOJKARNA.
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