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Solsting (Swe)

Solsting (Swe)
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Rock / Hard Rock / New Wave / Powerpop
Sweden (


1978 - 1981 (as Mammas Fem Små Frallor), 1981 - XXXX (as Solsting)
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Magnus Leijon - Vocals (Mammas Fem Små Frallor)
Pelle Hökengren - Guitar (Mammas Fem Små Frallor, Trance Dance)
Mattis Hällström - Guitar (Mammas Fem Små Frallor)
Tomas Wallin - Bass (Mammas Fem Små Frallor)
Nicklas Brommare - Drums, Keys (Mammas Fem Små Frallor, Trio Trespassing, Martin Fröst)
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Solsting (Sunstroke) started out playing jazz rock, but the single is quite standard, new waveish hard rock of average quality. Singer Leijon later became a radio host on national radio in Sweden, while Hökengren played with party rockers Trance Dance. Brommare has later recorded with clarinet player Martin Fröst and is found in jazz band Trio Trespassing. The way heavier song "Säg Som De É" is also featured on the compilation 'Radio Västernorrland 1977-1981' released 1982 [#RVNLP 001].
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