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Sha La Lee (Swe)

Sha La Lee (Swe)
Band Info
Female Fronted / Hard Rock
Sweden (


Maria "Mia" Landberg/Tern - Guitar, Vocals (Aphrodite, Livin' Sacrifice, Revanch, Dr. Åkes Recept, Hysterica, Metalnun, Heartattack)
Marianne Hall - Bass, Vocals (Aphrodite, Livin' Sacrifice)
Agneta Ölund - Drums, Vocals (Revanch, Dr. Åkes Recept)
Former / Past Members
Rigmor "Riggan" Gustafsson - Bass (Dr. Åkes Recept)
The Swedish all-female hard rock band SHALALEE was formed in Stockholm in the late 80s by former members of APHRODITE. Released a single in 1990 and had the song "Wig Wam Bang" featured on the compilation 'Sweet F.A. (2002)'. Maria Landberg would later have fame with the group HYSTERICA. Agneta Ölund is Åke "Bedlam" Eriksson's ex-wife.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
After the band Revanch split, Maria joined forces with Marianne from Livin' Sacrifice and started Aphrodite. After Aphrodite split, Maria, Agneta and Rigmor Gustafsson worked with Åke Erikssons Recept. The three then started Shalalee. Before the single, Rigmor was replaced by Marianne Hall. Dr Roxx was run by former Bedlam/Attack/Wasa Express/Åke Erikssons Recept drummer Åke Eriksson. Agneta is his wife. Maria later surfaced in all-girl metal band Hysterica and now plays in cover bands Metalnun and Heartattack.
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