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Stormwarning (Swe)

Stormwarning (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Viksjö, Järfälla

1979 - 1989
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Dan "Fodde Fondelius" Fondelius - Vocals, Bass, Guitar (Count Raven, Doomsday Gouvernment, Archtribe (guest))
Carl Månstrand - Bass, Guitar (The Duke, Moonrock, Jayce Landberg, ManStrand)
Mike Bygdemark - Drums (The Duke, Moonrock)
STORMWARNING was formed by Mike Bygdemark and Carl Manstrand who earlier had played in THE DUKE and MOONROCK. The band also included Dan Fondelius who later would front COUNT RAVEN. In 1984 they recorded the song "Barn Av Gatan" for the local compilation 'Förortsrock 84'.

Carl’s own history: My background as a musican started early when I was 16. I bought my first guitar and after 2 months I had composed my first song, a blues. Mike Bygdemark, Kenth Bostrom and I started a band named The Duke, later we called us Moonrock. We had some gigs in Stockholm. - Two years later Mike and I started a band called Stormwarning (Count Raven, today) with Dan Fondelius. I quit after 3 year , instead I played with the drummer Jens Bock with a homestudio a couple of years.
Interview (from

Carl, you state that you also were a founding member of COUNT RAVEN along with Mike Bygdemark and Dan Fondelius. When was the band established?
The name was STORMVARNING at the time I was involved. I think it was 1979! We even printed white T-Shirts with the text STORMVARNING on but for us members only! I also remember it was me who adopted the band to STORMWARNING because I was thinking the world will be doomed soon by God.

It was a turbulent period at that time with the fear of nuclear war, Russia in Afghanistan etc. STORMWARNING was a religious band at the time. When Mike and I were in a music store (Musikbörsen) we put an ad on the billboard looking for a christian bass or guitar player, I think it was a bass player and Dan answered.

Did you write any originals at the time? Can you give us some titles?
What I can remember we only wrote our own songs. Me myself wrote half of all songs we played, today I really cant remember how many, maybe 5 songs! All songlyrics were written by Dan and Mike except one song we did and it was a song I sang in the studio recording! I can’t remember songtitel of anyone but “Barn av gatan” who was written by Dan.

How did you decide to sing in Swedish these early tunes?
It came naturally I think. Well I think that we thought that the Swedish audience was our aim so why not sing in Swedish!

What bands motivated you to start a band??? What were the bands that “united” you inside the band?
Mike and I had UFO as our big idols and we did songs like “Doctor doctor”. Then when we started Stormvarning with Dan I was very inspired by Deep Purple’s Live in California LP. So I wanted the sound that way! I remember Dan liked Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and even Jimi Hendrix. So it was very easy to play together.

Did the band perform live? If yes, pls. give us a few information. Was the set only originals, or also covers? What covers?
On my time with the band we never played live, but it was my goal of course. I now that Stormvarning played live after I quit.

What were the reasons you leaving the band? You mention in your band that you stayed three years with them.
I got a nervous breakdown, because my life was hell during that time. I had to take a long time out.  I had to much religious thinking. and in the end I had some problem with Dan’s lyrics. My conscience was very upset. Today I know it was childish of me.. But I think today that my opinion against his lyrics was a way for me to get away from all and find a rest or finding myself what I wanted to do with my life!. I was looking for a reason so I could quit .But it was after we had recorded 5 or 6 songs in a studio and I really could listen to his lyrics! First time after we recorded a music video (on Youtube today) I thought I heard wrong when Dan sang something about masturbation and nuclear. For me it was over the edge! Today I laugh about it!

What was the Metal scene back then in Sweden?
I thought it was very bad, and I wanted to change it I remember!

Do you remember some bands from that early time like 220 VOLT, HEAVY LOAD, GRAVE, NEMESIS etc.?
I only remember the name 220 volt but not their music. I remember I really liked the Swedish band Docent Död song “Solglasögon”. A punkrock song, simple but rockn roll! And I remember Europe 1982, I thought they was trying sound as UFO.

Did you release any demos/promos for labels at the time? Quite a few Swedish bands got their material vinylized at the time…
I believe we was planning doing that some how, cause we was in a studio recording 6 or 7songs. But I quit after the studiorecording.

When and why did the STORMWARNING history end? Did Dan start COUNT RAVEN right after the demise of STORMWARNING or some years passed?
In my point of view Stormvarning has never ended, it has only change the name to Count Raven 1989. When I listen to Count Raven today, I can hear some early Stormvarning sounds.

Have you written (or participated in their composing/arrangements) any of the band’s early songs that ended up on either the demos or the debut album of the band?
I know they have a riff from a song I did in my time with the band and it’s on their “Messiah of confusion” CD, the song is “Fallen angels” , but the singing and the lyric is Dan’s! You can see and hear me with STORMWARNING with my version on Youtube, check out “Stormvarning year 1981 (Count Raven)

I am asking all of the above since there may be bad blood between you and therefore the band never credited you etc.
When Mike told me that my riff was on one song he also told me that Dan had a written line on the back cover on the CD that thanked Kalle (Carl) and Mike.... I don’t remember whole line. I had mixed feelings about why he didn’t ask me before the release, about that. I remember Mike was more upset than me, and said I must tell Dan about have some compensation cause of that, but I said that was ok! Many times money isn’t the big thing!

Have you followed what COUNT RAVEN have been up to after you left? What’s your opinion of the COUNT RAVEN albums? Have you listened to them?
Yes I have listened a little but I can’t say I’m a fan of their music! It’s too dark. I think Dan is an Ingmar Bergman of music! On my time in the band I remember Dan as a glad hippie; he liked to talk about social problems, peace and love.
I’m glad for Dan and wish him all the luck and great success! I have heard he was upset because I put out old videos from my period in the band on Youtube. He wanted me to ask him before but I didn’t. But my thought was that it must be an interest how it all began, so why don’t give COUNT RAVEN fans the unknown story. I never thought so many people would love to see it! I think it’s great! I was surprised that Dan even gave it a thought!

Are you aware that the band released a new album in 2009, entitled “Mammons War” (for me, the highlight of 2009)?
Yes I’m aware.
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