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- Demo, 1995

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Six Pack Sonic (Swe)

Six Pack Sonic (Swe)
Band Info
Thrash Metal / Alternative / Grunge
Sweden (


1991 - XXXX
Henrik Lindahl - Vocals (Fuzzdevil)
Fredrik "Frasse" Welin-Berger - Guitar (Fuzzdevil)
Martin Öhman - Guitar (Fuzzdevil)
Jakob Jennische - Bass (Fuzzdevil, 454, Dimma)
Peder Clevberger - Drums
Former / Past Members
Anders "Stub" Staub - Drums (Big Fish, 454, Mother Superior, On Trial)
Robin Lagerqvist - Drums (Fatal Smile)
Recorded a private single and had the song "Me, Superman & Jesus Christ" included on the 'Meat To Please You (1993)' CD compilation. The band later became FUZZDEVIL.
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