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Solution (Swe)

Solution (Swe)
Band Info
Christian / Melodic Hard Rock / Metal
Sweden (


1986 - 1990
Jonny Wester - Vocals, Guitar (Axe Killers, Rocktools, Ellen Jay)
Leif Bertilsson - Bass (Vital Sign, Fresh Air)
Peter Westin - Drums (Airlines?)
Rune Bertilsson - Keyboards (Vital Sign, Fresh Air, Air Condition, Concrete Angels)
Former / Past Members
Steven Pettersson
Tomas Nordmark
Mikael "Micke" Larsson
Formed 1986 in Söderhamn. The band won Hälsingerocken in 1989 and got to cut a single at FS Studio, Söderhamn. The record received positive response from the christian press and got great reviews in USA. Solution however folded the following year when Peter decided to quit and start training racehorses. Rune and Leif was later in the band VITAL SIGN (featuring vocalist Jens Lundvik) and the gospel choir FRESH AIR.  Rune have also played in AIR CONDITION with his younger brother Ralf. Jonny (ex-AXE KILLERS) later played in the cover band ROCKTOOLS as well doing solo gigs under the name Ellen Jay.
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