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Saigon Rose (Swe)

Saigon Rose (Swe)
Band Info
Sleazy Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


Ola Johansson - Vocals (A Virgin's Delight)
Tony Oskarsson - Guitar, Vocals
Micke "Ulke" Johansson - Guitar (Strebers, Dia Psalma, Krymplings, Sixguns, Ben Bolt, Dom Döda, Halloween, Wild Youth, Puffror & Pickadoller)
Pelle Pettersson - Bass (Strebers)
Martin "Marre" Wallström - Drums (Nattkräm?)
Hard Rock act from Strängnäs featuring STREBERS members Micke "Ulke" Johansson and Pelle Pettersson. SAIGON ROSE had the songs "Rock You" and "You're The Baby" on the 'Tracks (1989)' compilation. They probably recorded some demos as well (Ulke have uploaded a song entitled "Saigon Rose" at his website recorded -89 in Enköping).
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