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Traction (Swe)

Traction (Swe)
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Melodic Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (

Östansjö, Örebro

1977 - 1985
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Pontus Pedersén - Vocals, Bass (The Teenagers)
Michel "Qvacke" Qwarsell - Guitar (The Teenagers, Visions Becomes Reality, Qvacke)
Per Blückert - Guitar
Mattias Pedersén - Drums, Backing Vocals (The Teenagers, Blårock, Solid)
Robert Samuelsson - Keyboards, Backing Vocals (The Teenagers, Visions Becomes Reality)
Formed as THE TEENAGERS in Östansjö, Örebro, Sweden by Pontus Pedersen (Vocals, Bass), Mattias Pedersen (Drums), Robert Samuelsson (Electric Piano) and Michel "Qvacke" Qwarsell (Guitar). The band played rock'n'roll and attended many talent contest. They later got tired of the name THE TEENAGERS and changed it to TRACTION. Their sound became tougher and to make it even heavier they added a second guitarist; Per Blückert.

They played many locals gigs with audicende between 2-600 persons. A private single was recorded in 1983 entitled 'You And I / Hopeless End'. These songs was on Örebro's radio top-1 list for many weeks, they also did a 30 min radio show with interviews and played live in the studio.

The band disbanded in 1985 when the members had to do military service. Michel Qwarsell and Robert Samuelsson later formed the cover group VISIONS BECOMES REALITY with female vocalist Helena Pettersson (Drama).
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