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Tonvikt (Swe)

Tonvikt (Swe)
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Hard Rock
Sweden (


1975-1976 (as Emphasis), 1976-1981 (as Tonvikt)
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Michael Ardenheim - Vocals, Bass (Gerry & The Moonshiners, Emphasis, Bel Air)
Hans Hogedahl - Guitar (Gerry & The Moonshiners, Emphasis)
Kurt-Anders Svensson - Guitar
Roy Östh - Drums, Keys (Gerry & The Moonshiners, Emphasis)
Former / Past Members
Anders Mossberg - Guitars (Elsy Band (guest), Emphasis, Jerusalem, Vatten, Korsdrag, Sidewalk, Rattles, Moti Special, Carola, After Shave)
Pär Berndtsson - Drums, Cowbell
Tor Nygård - Drums
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Started in 1975 as Emphasis, featuring bassist/singer Michael Ardenheim, drummer Roy Östh and guitarist Hans Hogedal and Anders Mossberg. A year later Mossberg quit and the name was changed to Tonvikt (swedish for emphasis). Anders later played with Jerusalem. As Östh quit the band for a period of time, Tor Nygård played drums on the single. In 1981 the band also drafted second guitarist Kurt-Anders Svensson, but six months later Tonvikt folded. The band reunited for some shows in 2008. In 1979-80 the band also played under the name Gerry & The Moonishiners featuring Ardenheim, Hogedal, Östh, Gerry Svensson and Sten Sandberg.
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