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Via Tokyo (Swe)

Via Tokyo (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Rock / New Wave / Pop
Sweden (


1981 - XXXX
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Mats Johansson - Vocals (Go/No/Go)
Peter Danielsson - Vocals, Guitar (Aurora, Go/No/Go, Tokyo, Now, Twice As Nice, Coneheads, The Devil in Mrs Jones, Nowlab, Thomas Nanor, Prins Valiant, Moby Dick, Lime House)
Anders Laursen - Bass (Go/No/Go, Tokyo, Spray, Thomas Nanor)
Eric Forsmark - Drums  (Go/No/Go, Tokyo, Now)
Staffan Grenklo - Keyboards (Aurora, Go/No/Go, Now, Spray, Zoo, Thomas Nanor)
Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
This band came second in the Rock-SM competition that gave Europe their breaktrough in Sweden. The first price was an LP recording and the second was the recording of a 7", both on Hot Records. Danielsson was also in Prins Valiant, Zeppelin cover band Moby Dick (also featuring Björn Lodin), Aurora and is now found in cover band Lime House. Grenklo was also in Aurora and Spray. The band changed their name to Go/No/Go and was also in Rock-SM.
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