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Vanguard (Swe)

Vanguard (Swe)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1982 - 1988
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Ralf "Raffe" Wernborg (1982 -1988) - Vocals (Avenue, Lone Ranger)
Sven-Erik "Sverka / Swempa" Wernborg (1982 -1988) - Guitars (Avenue, Christer N' Peterssons)
Stefan Rosell (1982 -1988) - Guitars (Deja Vu, Christer N' Peterssons)
Mikael Andersson (1982 - 1988) - Bass (Blackmail, Rockslag?, Lone Ranger, Deja Vu, Christer N' Peterssons)
Lubbe Johansson (1988) - Drums (Lone Ranger, Deja Vu)
Per-Anders Forsén (1987 - 1988) - Keyboards (Deja Vu)

Former / Past Members
Eric "Erca" Lindesvärd (1982 - 1988) - Drums (Pseudo Sun, Judah)
Peo Axelsson (1982 - 1983) - Guitars (Blackmail, King's Club, Enforce, Poleaxe, Shabby June, The Teenagers, POA,s, Tant Grön)
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The band was formed in 1982 under the name POLEAXE by bass player Micke Andersson and guitarist Peo Axelsson. Micke and Peo already knew each other well from playing together in the punk band BLACKMAIL (released the 7" single 'Statusjakt' on Pang Records in 1982). The brothers, Swempa and Raffe Wernborg, joined the line-up a few months later. In the summer of 1982, drummer Erca Lindesvärd was asked to join the band. Peo left in 1983 to start his own band KING'S CLUB. Guitarist Stefan Rosell, who lived in Stockholm took his place. The second line-up was born.

The members thought it would be a good idea to change the band name. The new band name VANGUARD was originally Micke's idea, when he and Erca was brainstorming one day, inspired by books, in search of name candidates that could help them to conquer the world. The new band logo was designed by the band's sound engineer Claes B Drangel. It has the graphical shape of a capital V. "V" is not only the first letter in the band's name. It also represents the number of band members; a roman FIVE.

The band attended Rock-SM in 1987 where former guitarist Peo Axelsson also attended with his bands KING'S CLUB and ENFORCE. VANGUARD won the first two finals performing two songs. Newly written "All Night Long" (which was included on the 'Double-Up' compilation) and a re-arranged version of THE ARCHIES well-known hit "Sugar Sugar".  At that time, the band took in keyboard player Per-Anders Forsén, to create a thicker rock sound.  Erca left the drumstool just prior to break-up. He was replaced by Lubbe Johansson, a good friend of all VANGUARD members, and former drummer in Peo's band KING'S CLUB. With Lubbe behind the drum kit in 1988, VANGUARD did a few gigs, and an awesome live recording. After the break-up in 1988 the members split into two bands; AVENUE (later LONE RANGER) and DEJA VU.

VANGUARD reunion gigs took place in 2004 and 2006. In 2007 the members of the band celebrated their 25th anniversary. All band members are still musically active. Some of them are related to bands like SKROT, CHRISTER N PETERSSONS, PSEUDO SUN, GURANISTEN, LIMETREESWORD and CHARLOTTE THE HARLOT.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Formed in 1982 under the name Poleaxe by Andersson and guitarist Peo Axelsson. Both had played in punk band Blackmail (released the single 'Statusjakt' on Pang Records in 1982). The Wernerborg brothers joined later in 1982 and Lindesvärd completed the line-up. In 1983 Peo left to form the band King's Club. He was soon replaced by Rosell. They now changed the name to Vanguard. In 1987 they entered Rock-SM. The song "All Night Long" was featured on the 'Double Up' compilation. They added keyboard player Per-Anders Forsén. Eric left and was replaced by Lubbe Johansson, just shortly before the band broke up in 1988. The band split into the two bands Avenue (later Lone Ranger) and Deja Vu. The band reunited for some shows in 2004, 2006 and 2007. Members have appeared in bands like Pseudo Sun, Guranisten, Limetreesword, Skrot and Cha. Peo is now in The Reehab.
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