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Victor Bruns Band (Swe)

Victor Bruns Band (Swe)
Band Info
Sweden (

Lund, Stockholm / Los Angeles

Scott Wolfe - Vocals, Drums
Michael Carlsson - Guitar
Rutger Lorensson - Bass (Kapten Ruter & the Nautilus, New Rotics)
Peter Holst - Tenor Saxophone
Former / Past Members
Torbjörn Helander - Guitar
VICTOR BRUNS BAND are Michael Carlsson (guitar), Peter Holst (tenor saxophone), Rutger Lorensson (bass) and Scott Wolfe (vocals & drums). The members came from Lund, Stockholm and Los Angeles and the band was based in Lund, Sweden. Michael Carlson replaced Torbjörn Helander on guitar 1980.

Rutger Lorensson would later play in the bands KAPTEN RUTER & THE NAUTILUS and NEW ROTICS.
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