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Vanadis (Swe / Ulricehamn)

Vanadis Ulricehamn
Band Info
Symphonic / Melodic Rock
Sweden (


ca 1982 - 1987
Gunnar Lövgren - Vocals
Anders Börjesson - Guitar (Zaragon, Split, Second Hand, Katmandu, Unsung Heroes, Triggers, Two Fun)
Samuel Nylin - Bass (Stormbringer)
Jörgen Fransson - Drums
Torbjörn "Tobbe" Carlsson - Keys, Strings, Vocals (The Fires, Misty, Triggers, Unsung Heroes, Baldur Blues, Two Fun)
Former / Past Members
Thomas Johansson - Guitar
Not to be confused with VANADIS from Helsingborg.

Formed early 80s in Ulricehamn. Tobbe had earlier played in a band called THE FIRES with J-P Fhyr, Claes-Ove Fhyr, Thord Johansson and Christer Johansson. In 1983 VANADIS cut two songs for the pang compilation 'Rock On, Roll On', they also recorded some demos ('Frosen Faces (1982)' and 'I've Been Dreaming (1985)'. In 1985 Anders Börjesson (ex-ZARAGON "not the Jönköping band") replaced Thomas Johansson on guitar. VANADIS split ca 1987. Tobbe went on to play in bands like MISTY, TRIGGERS and UNSUNG HEROES before teaming up with Anders Börjesson again to form the cover band TWO FUN.
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