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Who's Next (Swe)

Who's Next (Swe)
Band Info
AOR / Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


Late 80s - Early 90s
Conny Lönn - Vocals (Halmstadrock För Barncancerfonden)
Jörgen Nilsson - Guitar (Halmstadrock För Barncancerfonden)
Thomas "Kalle" Carlsson - Bass
Jan Pettersson - Drums
Mats Gustavsson - Keyboards
WHO'S NEXT was active between late 80's -, early 90's. The band released a single and full-lenght LP on the Danish label Büms Records. The LP was later mixed at Studio 38 because the Büms mix sounded bad. The band split up in the 90's and the members joined  various cover bands.
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