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Missing in Discography
- Demo 198x ("Little Jimmy", "Lonely Boy", "Nighttime In Wonderland", etc)
- Demo 1995 ("Hush", etc)

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Wild Bunch (Swe)

Wild Bunch (Swe)
Band Info
Rock / Hard Rock / Pilsnerboogie
Sweden (

Hallstahammar, Västerås

1984 - XXXX
Photos / Videos
Official Website
Inge "Uncle Handsome/Inge Vidare" Norlin - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Harmonica (Få Kända Män)
Hans "Haze Gladys" Elofsson - Guitar (Få Kända Män)
Mats "Mädz/Mumbles" Norlin - Bass, Vocals (Skymning, Psychopunch)
Johan Karlsson - Drums
Former / Past Members
Jorma "Joe Linn" Linna - Guitar (Få Kända Män)
Mikael "Mike Lasker" Talvitie - Drums (Skymning)
HR act formed 1984 in Hallstahammar (later moved to Västerås). The band released a single, a MLP, a full-lenght LP and the CD 'Elvis Has Left The Building (1993)'. Their albums got attention from USA and some of their songs  was played on a radio show in Florida. Original drummer Mikael Talvitie was replaced by Johan Karlsson in 1992.

Info from Janne Starks Encyclopedia
Formed by former punksters Elofsson, guitarist Jorma, and Mikael Talvitie. Linna, previously with the band FKM (Få Kända Män), while Talvitie recorded a single with pop/rockers Skymning. On the first LP guitarist Linna by Hans "Haze Gladys" Elofsson was out, Norlin had switched from bass to guitar and bassist Mats "Mädz" Norlin had been added to the line-up. The final line-up before they split, featured Inge, Hasse, Mats and drummer Johan Karlsson.
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