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Band Info
AOR / Melodic Rock / Hard Rock / Symphonic Rock
Sweden (


1975 (as Cruel / Trans AM) - 1979, 1979 (as Arrow) - 1980, 1980 (as X-Perience) - 1983, 1985
Kent Rune Johansson - Guitar (Trans AM, Arrow)
Morgan Bohman - Guitar
Morgens Widmark - Bass (Trans AM, Arrow, Pigs In Space, Loud & Clear, Janssons Frestelser)
Stefan Jacobsson - Drums
Tomas Hartman - Organ (Arrow)
Former / Past Members
Ismo Immonen - Drums (Trans AM, Arrow)
Info from Janne Stark's Encyclopedia
The band was formed in 1975 under the name Cruel, initially mostly playing covers. After guitarist Per-Arne Fallén quit, they became a trio featuring Johansson, Widmark and Immonen and went under the name Trans AM, playing hard rock. In 1979 they drafted Hartman and became Arrow, which changed to X-Perience in 1980. The single was recorded in the Ljudspåret Studio in Gothenburg. In 1982 the band entered a bandstand with the song "Summer In July" and won. The band however split in 1983. A reunion featuring new drummer Stefan Jacobsson replacing Immonen, plus second guitarist Morgan Bohman added, took place in 1985. They recorded a demo, but the band split. They also did a one-off reunion in the early 90's.
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