Added: 13 January 2014

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X-Age (Swe)

X Age
Band Info
Melodic Rock / Hard Rock


Tony Bauer - Vocals, Organizer
Ulf "Uffe" Fernqvist - Guitar, Vocals (Sm Grna Mn)
Jonatan Stenson - Guitar (Sm Grna Mn, Jonatan Stenson Band, Roffe Wikstrm, Mikael Rickfors)
Jan Lindman - Bass
Niklas Westman - Drums
Former / Past Members
Erik Tilling - Guitar
Roger Eriksson - Bass
Formed as SM GRNA MN. Later changed name to X-AGE and cut the songs "On The Run" and "Atompanik" for the pang compilation 'On The Rocks (1983)'.
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Albums (0)
Songs (2)
# Song Album
1 X-Age - On The Run On the Rocks
2 X-Age - Atompanik On the Rocks