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Yankee Rose (Swe / Karlstad)

Yankee Rose Karlstad
Band Info
Hard Rock
Sweden (


Peter Larsson - Vocals
Lars Rosenberg - Guitars (Tellus Explosion, Savage, Tre Ton Tegel, Battering Ram, Boris Bay, XL, New Riffmakers, Blues Hawks, LR Band, Kronokören, Gospel Grove Company)
Lars Ivarsson - Bass
Henrik Sjöström - Drums
Not to be confused with Yankee Rose from Kristinehamn.

Yankee Rose was a band from Karlstad active in the late 80's who made two studio recordings - of which one was recorded at Studio Norrstrand in Karlstad 1989 and featured the song "Take Me Home". They also played live and even did a small tour in Eksjö, Hagfors and Forshaga.
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