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Y Me (Swe)

Y Me
Band Info
Rock / FM Rock
Sweden (


Per "Pelle" Persson (Heavy Cargo)
Bengt "Bengan" Streuli
Michael Hemmingsson
Christer "Krille" Lindberg
Glenn "Brandsta-Glenn" Borgkvist - Drums (Heavy Cargo, Brandsta City Släckers, Helsingborgs Teamwork?)
FM Rock band formed in the late 80's by ex-HEAVY CARGO musicians Glenn Borgkvist and Pelle Persson. Y ME had contact with Sony (Japan) and worked on a album for 7 months, even a video was recorded. Sadly the lack of interest for the style of music they played ended and the album was never released.

Glenn Borgkvist works as a firefighter and are probably most known as frontman for the Swedish music group BRANDSTA CITY SLÄCKERS (attended Swedish Euriovision Song Contest in 2002, 2003, 2004). He has also done a duet with Lotta Nilsson in Melodifestivalen 2004, and hosted the rescue show "På liv och död" on TV4
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