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Zane (Swe)

Zane (Swe)
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Progressive / Hard Rock / Heavy / Space Rock
Sweden (


1976 - 1982, 2006 - present
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Tommy Strömstedt - Vocals, ex-Bass
Moreno Tondo - Guitar, Vocals
Björn Persson/Barth - Guitar, Vocals
Per "Zeb" Strömstedt - Bass
Mario Somenzi - Drums
Malmö trio ZANE was formed in 1976 and had a heavy space rock sound on their only single. The weird keyboard effects were added by producer Dan Tillberg (Änglabarn). After the single was released, Moreno Tondo moved over to guitar and Tommy Strömstedt joined on bass. His younger brother Per became the new bassist in the autumn of 1978 so Tommy could concentrate on lead vocals. They had one song, "Malmö City", included on the 1980 compilation 'Vykort från Malmö' on the Amalthea label. Björn Persson later changed his last name to Barth. ZANE did their last gig in 1982 at Victoria, Malmö but after a 24-year break the band is back together again.
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