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Ancient (Swe)

Band Info
Female Fronted / Melodic Hard Rock
Sweden (


Official Website
Teresa Naum-Douskos - Vocals (Reflection, Rough Rockers, OfficialRPS)
Magnus Hällström - Guitars (Reflection, Rough Rockers, OfficialRPS, Hekatomb, Quadria)
Per Bergqvist - Bass
Stefan Bergqvist - Drums
Jonas Hedlund - Keyboards
Former / Past Members
Niklas Karlsson - Bass
Åke Gräntz - Bass (Pumpbolaget, Daddy Cool)
Jan-Ola Jansson - Bass (Reflection, OfficialRPS)
Mikael Wikars - Drums
Mikael Anvil - Drums
Mikael Björklund - Drums
Pia Kylmänen - Keyboards
Inger Lindqvist - Keyboards
Ancient was a female fronted hard rock act formed 1987 in Falun. The band was earlier known as Reflection (active 1981-1986). Ancient recorded at least two demos before splitting up in 1991. In 2009 some of the old Reflection members reformed under the name OfficialRPS (Reflection Project Series) and re-rerecorded some old songs. Teresa and Magnus have also been in the glam/rock band Rough Rockers.
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