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Afterlife (Swe)

Afterlife (Swe)
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Heavy Metal
Sweden (


2011 - present
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John "Jompa" Gustavsson - Vocals, Guitar (Razorblade)
Mikael Andersson - Guitar
Fredrik Gunnarsson - Bass (Razorblade, Macabre Decay)
Pether Svedjewik - Drums (Macabre Decay)
1984 released RAZORBLADE their debut single 'Run for Your Life / Ready to Fight'.
27 years later in January bassist Fredrik Gunnarsson and guitarist John Gustavsson met up and started to lifting the idea to start playing together again.After being tipped off about a drummer by the name of Pether Svedjewik they started to play together under the new name AFTERLIFE.

In the summer of 2011 they started record of what would become the album 'In The Shadows', mixed by Pelle Åkerlind of BLOODBOUND and MORGANA LEFAY. Mikael Andersson joined as second guitarist after the release of the album.
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