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- No Honour, Demo 1990 ("Eyes of Distrust", "Death Sentence")

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Atrox (Swe)

Atrox (Swe)
Band Info
Speed / Thrash Metal
Sweden (

Gunnebo, Västervik

1990 - 1995?
Official Website
Nicklas "Nicke" Erikson - Vocals (Behead)
Johan Gardestedt - Guitars (Behead)
Johan Dahlström - Guitars
Stephan Hermansson - Bass
Joackim Isti Loftén - Drums (Behead)

Former / Past Members:
Tobias "Tobbe" Johansson - Guitar, Vocals
Linus Andersson - Guitar
Johan Larsson - Guitars
Pelle Nilsson - Guitars
Formed 1990 in Gunnebo, Västervik, Sweden. ATROX released their debut single 1992 on the PLC label and recorded a couple of demos before splitting up around 1995. Some of the remaining members later formed BEHEAD in 1996.
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