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- Demo, 1981 ("Herr Oin" etc)

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Boogie Liquor Band (Swe)

Boogie Liquor Band (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Rock / Hard Rock
Sweden (


1980 - 1982 (changed name)
Diddi Kastenholt - Vocals (Double Trouble, Bai Bang)
Carl-Erik "Kalle" Månsson - Guitar (Vanadis, Double Trouble, Bai Bang, Aniara, Stenen Kryper, Manssrock)
Jan "Janne" Björk - Guitar (Double Trouble)
Björn Mohlin - Bass (Double Trouble)
Mille Wendel - Drums (Double Trouble, Bai Bang)
Former / Past Members
Lars Schill - Drums (Stenen Kryper, Music Team, Wayne Dexter)
The Thin Lizzy influenced act Boogie Liquor Band was formed in 1980 by Kalle Månsson, Diddi Kastenholt, Jan Björk, Björn Mohlin and Lars Schill. This line-up recorded a demo in 1981 and was featured on the radio show "Fredagsbiten" hosted by Bengt Grafström. In 1982 Lars Schill was replaced by Mille Wendel and the band recorded a single at Tocano Studios (outside of Copenhagen, Denmark) produced by Jonas Warnebring (Råg I Ryggen, Spray). Shortly after the band changed name to Double Trouble (released some singles in the early/mid 80's) and later became Bai Bang. Eric Månsson was earlier in Vanadis and is now in Mansrock. He have also played with Huw Lloyd Langton (ex-Hawkwind).
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