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Depict Pathos (Swe)

Depict Pathos (Swe)
Band Info
Heavy / Progressive / Thrash Metal
Sweden (


Martin Sikström - Vocals, Bass (Valcyrie)
Morgan Ruokolainen - Guitars, Keyboards (Valcyrie)
Lennart Specht - Guitars, Keyboards (Valcyrie, Fejd, Nostradameus, Pathos)
Esko Salow - Drums (Valcyrie, Fejd, Nostradameus, Pathos, Lady Mourning)
Following issue of the 1991 demo tape 'Into The Questions Of What?', Trollhättan Thrash Metal band VALCYRIE evolved into DEPICT PATHOS, releasing the 'Elude The Decree Of Destiny' tape in 1992. Guitarist Lennart Specht, also active with Folk Metal concern FEJD, and drummer Esko Salow would then morph the band further into PATHOS. Salow also operates NOSTRADAMEUS. Esko Salow joined female fronted Doom Metal band LADY MOURNING on 11th November 2008.
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