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Empire Saint (Swe)

Empire Saint (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Metal
Sweden (


Early 80s - 1990
Official Website

José "Joe Kanner" Sanchez - Vocals (Dr. Dream, Breakers, Lies, Dye Vest, Fierce Conviction, Rocktrubadurerna, Sanchez)
Thomas "John Raymore" Ferm - Guitar (Sweet Silence)
Peter "Johansen" Johansson - Guitar (Scratch?, SoWhat, Rocktrubadurerna)
Kimmo "Kim Caine" Kajjuuti - Bass
Mikael "Mike Randle" Dimle - Drums

Former / Past Members
Roy "Ojje" Barrstrand - Guitar
Dan "Danne" Wernersson - Bass (Orient)
Formed early 80's in Borås. The early EMPIRE SAINT line-up featured members such as Roy "Ojje" Barrstrand on guitar and Dan Wernersson of ORIENT on bass. José Sanchez joined the band in 1987 (he had earlier recorded some demos with the band BREAKERS 1984-1986). In spring of 1988 EMPIRE SAINT went into the studio and recorded the single 'Broken Dreams / Shout It Out (released by Platina in 1989). It received good attention from the media, "Broken Dreams" even reached the first place on Gothenburg`s local radio chart. In the summer of 1989 they went into the studio again and cut the 12" MLP 'RNS' (Rock 'n Sex). With this album they really succeeded, they also shot videos for two of the songs on the album. However, for some reason EMPIRE SAINT sadly broke up the following year despite the success.

Jose went on working on songs for a solo demo. He later played with bands such as DR. DREAM (released a private single in 1991), LIES, DYE VEST, FIERCE CONVICTION and are today active in the Glam / Hard Rock band SANCHEZ. Peter are in SOWHAT and also performs acoustic covers together with Jose in ROCKTRUBADURERNA. Thomas plays in the Kinna/Borås cover band SWEET SILENCE.

Jose Biography
1991 Jose received a phone call from a guy Called Boo Park. He was the drummer of a band called LIES, and they needed a singer. Jose decided to join the LIES and recorded a four track demo. They started to send the demo to record labels all over the world, and for a very particular reason there was a Chilean management company which was very interested in LIES. Jose was involved in all the song writing and lyrics with both EMPIRE SAINT and LIES. So the band packed there bags and headed for South America, Santiago the capital of Chile. Which even is were Jose was born. They did 10 shows in Santiago, and they also did radio and TV performances. They got very good response from the Chilean people and for a month they were away from Sweden. Anyway they had a lot of fun but it didn't lead to anything at all!! Back home in Sweden LIES split up and decided to go separate ways. This happened in 1992. Jose never ever gave up!! 1995 was the year when Jose joined Nicklas Karlsson and Martin Tilander and formed FIERCE CINVICTION that later on changed the name to CONVICTION. They recorded two albums with a German record label ABS-records. The band was active from 1995 and they made a lot of live shows. They have also sold more than 15.000 albums over the world.
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