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Floyd's Hotel (Swe)

Floyd's Hotel (Swe)
Band Info
Melodic Rock / Powerpop / New Wave
Sweden (

Södertälje, Stockholm

1980 - 1985
Official Website
Martin Persson - Vocals, Guitar
Martin Sääf - Bass
Bengt "Benge" Lindblom - Drums, Guitar
Jaan "Janne" Paltman - Organ, Piano (Clas Yngström & Big Tex Three, Sven Zetterberg And The Chicago Express)
Former / Past Members
Uffe - Guitar
Slim Tannberg - Guitar (Fridays Angels, Yxstyckarna, Stockholm Showdown)
Jylle - Drums
Lars "Little Fridolf" Granath - Drums (United Dates?)
Bert Karlsson/Wikström - Saxophone (Fridays Angels, Baspop, Neon Leon, Linus and the Loosers, Intergalactic Overguist, The Night Flight Band, The Mighty Hightones, Diamond Dogs, Conny Bloom's Groovies Inc., Hanoi Rocks, Freddie Wadling, Spain, Magnus Lindbergh, Master Henry Gibson, Big Walker, Jimmy Dawkins,  Derrick Big Walker, The Triggers)
Swedish 80s melodic rock / powerpop / new wave band formed 1980 in the city Södertälje. The band started under the name WestSide Ramblers and in an earlier stage they called themselves IQ-Noll, but had a hard time to get gigs because of the name. The band were big fans of the American band The J. Geils Band. They visited one of the bands concerts and got the idea to call their own band "Floyd's Hotel" taken from the title of a song from J Geils Bands second album. Floyd's Hotel recorded a single 'Tjejernas Mugg / Hjärta Av Guld', released by Sonet in 1982. They also recorded a lot of tapes (available at their website) before disbanding in 1985. They have done some reunion gigs now and then.
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