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Fridays Angels (Swe)

Fridays Angels (Swe)
Band Info
Glam / Rock / Punk
Sweden (

Södertälje, Stockholm

Ulf "Andreas Soul" Nygren - Vocals R.I.P. (Terror, Baspop)

Christian "Krabban" Rydström - Guitar (Snutslakt)

Slim Tannberg - Guitar (Floyds Hotel, Yxstyckarna, Stockholm Showdown)

Stefan "Hogge" Hogeborn - Bass (Terror)

Thomas "Blondi" Lönnhammar - Drums (Terror, Jivin Sister Fanny)

Bert "Stevie" Karlsson/Wikström - Saxophone (Floyds Hotel, Baspop, Neon Leon, Linus and the Loosers, Intergalactic Overguist, The Night Flight Band, The Mighty Hightones, Diamond Dogs, Conny Bloom's Groovies Inc., Hanoi Rocks, Freddie Wadling, Spain, Magnus Lindbergh, Master Henry Gibson, Big Walker, Jimmy Dawkins,  Derrick Big Walker, The Triggers)
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