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Fafner (Swe)

Fafner (Swe)
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Progressive Rock
Sweden (

Örnäset, Luleå

1992 - ?
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Formed as VELVET CHAIN then DR KROLLSPELL and FAFNER. Released an album on the Norwegian label Colours in 1992.

Last Known Line-Up:
Karin Paulin - Vocals, Flute (Velvet Chain)
Johan Lindmark - Percussion, Vocals, Cello (Velvet Chain)
Magnus Lindmark - Guitar (Velvet Chain)
Per-Einar Kvamsdal - Guitar (Velvet Chain)
Göran Norman - Bass, Vocals, FX Synthesizers (Velvet Chain)
Niklas Lundin - Keyboards (Velvet Chain)

Former / Past Members:
Patrik Knif - Drums (Velvet Chain)

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