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Frekvens (Swe)

Frekvens (Swe)
Band Info
Rock / Hard Rock


1979 - 1980
Peter Danielsson - Vocals (Dr. Zipp)
Tony Lindberg - Guitar (New Haven, Evolution, Legs, Mess)
Henrik Claesson - Guitar
Raimo Flink - Bass
Mikael Wngkvist - Drums
Former / Past Members
Tapio Flink - Guitar
Formed spring 1979 by members of OZBORN and NATTFROST. Their 1981 single 'Revolver / Respekt' was played frequently on the local radio and led to many live gigs in the West of Sweden. It was also the record debut of vocalist Peter Danielsson. FREKVENS split up in 1980 but would do a reunion show in 2012 at Alingss MX Rockbar together with NEW HAVEN, RDA KVARN, MOLNEN LTTAR and YAYA.

The song "Revolver" was included on the compilation CD 'AFM 79-99' released 1999.
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# Song Album
1 Revolver Revolver / Respekt
2 Respekt Revolver / Respekt