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Fairchild (Swe / Eksjö)

Fairchild (Swe / Eksjö)
Band Info
Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Sweden (


1984 - 1987

Lena Robért - Vocals (Sanctum, Counterblast, Ralph & Big Bang Group, Elvira, Mississippi, Claes Pihl)

Jonas Kjell - Guitar (IQ Zero, The Bellyflames, Blacksnake)

Tony Hadarsson - Guitar, Vocals (IQ Zero, Desertörerna, Ahlwyn Concept, Quick Stäps, Receding Hairline, Peanuts)

Stefan Lekström - Bass (IQ Zero, Earth, Violent Stuff, Kapten Blues, K Krantz Qvintett, The Blue Grapes, Body & Soul, Little Bernie and the Bluegrapes, Sweet Jessi & the Blue Grapes)

Johan Andersson - Drums (IQ Zero)

Former / Past Members
Stefan Borg - Vocals (Cloak & Dagger, Tumbleweed)

Jerker Fransson - Drums (Trazer, Gröna Hizzen, Ahlwyn Concept, Diagnös, Face The Age Machine, Fermenta Sax, Fredde & Projektet, Järn-Henrik, Pejnäs Ork, Squeeze Rollers, Svenskt Kött, The Bratz, The Franssons, Oh Yeah, T.T.H -13, Svarta Maja, Peanuts, King Kong, Hell-Us, Blue Sky)
Formed as IQ ZERO in 1983 (had the songs "Murderer" and "Evil" on the 'Pang I Bygget (1983)' comp). They changed their name to FAIR CHILD in 1984. In 1986 they released the 7" single 'Take on Me / On the Run' on the Team Lucas label. A demo was also recorded. FAIRCHILD split up in the autumn of 1987 after some struggle with their manager.
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